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Water Pollution Control Loan Program (WPCLF)

Financial Help for Failing Septic Systems

The Water Pollution Control Loan (WPCLF) program is a principle forgiveness (grant-type) loan to assist low to moderate income homeowners to repair or replace their malfunctioning household sewage treatment system.

The program is administered by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, (Ohio EPA) Division of Financial Assistance (DEFA). The Water Pollution Control Loan Fund program provides financial and technical assistance for improvements to surface and ground water quality, and is administered under Section 6111.036 of the Ohio Revised Code. Rules that support the implementation of parts of the WPCLF may be found at Ohio Administrative Code 3745-150.

Portage County Health District received a total of $150,000 for fiscal year 2022 and will begin accepting applications in early spring.

If you have questions, please contact the Portage County Health District at (330) 296-9919 ext. 124 for assistance.

The WPCLF program is a first come, first serviced basis for complete and accurate applications.

  • If an application is not notarized, it will be returned as incomplete and not reviewed until properly executed.
  • If an application does not have complete financial or support documentation, it will be set aside and not reviewed until all appropriate and accurate documentation is provided.

Submit all applications to the drop box located in the lobby of the Neighborhood Development Office:

Neighborhood Development Services, Inc. (NDS)
Attention Kelley Palone
120 East Main Street

Ravenna, Ohio  44266

NOTE: Please be aware, returning applications to the heath district will delay the process and review as the health district will mail the application on your behalf to NDS

Other Financial Assistance Opportunities

In addition to Ohio EPA’s initiative toward providing funds to local health departments and districts to upgrade and replace Home Sewage Treatment Systems (HSTS), Portage County offers low-cost loans to homeowners, small businesses and family farms.

For more information about Portage GrowLink, please CLICK HERE

The County Commissioners and County Engineer Stormwater Fund and administered by the Regional Planning Agency: