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East Palestine Train Derailment Resources:

New poison-control hotline exclusively for residents in the East Palestine area: 1-877-603-0170 (updated 2/22/23)

Information on Health Assessment Clinic in East Palestine:

East Palestine train derailment website:

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  • Contact phone numbers
  • FAQs
  • Water sampling information
  • Air monitoring
  • Press conference videos
  • Past updates

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

ODH Call Center to Help with COVID-19 Response

PCHD Call Line for local COVID-19 questions

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Healthy Eating Active Living Guide

In this guide, you will find resources related to healthy eating and active living here in Portage County! We have organized this guide to make it easy to read for you based on whether you’re looking for food resources related to healthy eating or community resources related to active living.