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OAC 3701-29 does not require designers to be registered.  However, Ohio Department of Health (ODH) provides a list of sewage treatment system designers to assist homeowners in finding a contractor to design their system.

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Contractor Bond Cancellation Notice Requirements

Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) 3701-29-03 (C)(6)(d) requires that if the surety bond or financial assurance for the registration is canceled, the registrant shall immediately submit to each board of health where a registration has been issued proof of a new surety bond or financial assurance in accordance with the requirements of this rule. The surety company or guarantor of the financial assurance shall give ninety days written notice to the director of health prior to the effective date of cancellation. In the event that a surety bond or financial assurance is canceled and the registrant does not submit proof of a new bond or financial assurance to the board of health, the registration shall be suspended and the registrant shall cease from performing the duties of a registered contractor.

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