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Vision Care Outreach / Prevent Blindness Ohio

The number of Ohioans who lack vision coverage is greater than the number of Ohioans who are uninsured. To help Ohioans in need of eye exams and/or glasses, the Prevent Blindness Ohio partners with a statewide network of volunteer eye doctors, social service agencies, schools and optical companies. The Portage County Health District partners with the Prevent Blindness Ohio program to help Portage County residents get access to eye exams and glasses as needed.

The Vision Care Outreach Program is for children and adults who are in need of an eye exam and/or glasses.

To qualify, you must:

  • Meet the 200% Federal Poverty Guidelines
  • Not have access to vision insurance
  • Not have used this program in the last 2 years
  • Be an Ohio resident
Family Size Annual Income
For Each Additional, Add
2022 guidelines

To find out if you qualify or to enroll in the program, contact Becky at 330-296-9919, ext. 137.