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The Food Protection Program promotes healthy people and healthy communities through education and regulation of food service establishments. Portage County conducts inspections all the Food Service Operations (FSOs) and Retail Food Establishments (RFEs).

FSOs are usually restaurants and school cafeterias where the food is eaten on-site, while RFEs normally consist of convenience stores, carryout and delivery only restaurants and grocery stores.

We conduct inspections at every FSO and RFE in the county each year. Our staff also inspects mobile FSOs and RFEs that are selling food at festivals and other events around the county. This includes concession trailers and food trucks.

Additionally, we inspect vending machines that sell sandwiches and other foods that must be kept at the proper temperature in order to remain safe to eat. We inspect temporary food service operations which are commonly set up at a special event for a limited time.

Rules and Regulations


To ensure that food equipment meest industry standards and certifications look for these certification markings on the equipment itself or on the specification (cut) sheet.