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Household Sewage Treatment Systems

Operation and Maintenance

Nearly one-fifth of American households depend on septic systems to treat their wastewater. Failure to maintain a septic system can lead to backups, malfunctions and early failures that can result is costly repairs. The EPA’s SepticSmart program educates homeowners about the proper system care and maintenance all year long.

Below are links to the EPA SepticSmart Web page along with other information for the proper care and maintenance of your septic system.

Operation and Maintenance of a Household Sewage Treatment System

Owning a household sewage treatment system is a big financial investment in your property. It is a mini- wastewater treatment plant right in your yard. Proper operation and maintenance of your system is very important to make sure it operates effectively and efficiently for many years and does not create nuisance conditions or contaminate water resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will my septic permit cost?

  • The cost of septic permits range from $185 – $924
  • The fees vary based on the type of Operation & Maintenance Permit. 10 year permits are $50, 3 year permits are $100, and 5 year permits are $150.  This is JUST the fee for an O/M permit. This price gets added to the installation fee ($650 single family or $700 dup/tri) and the state fee ($74).

When can I purchase my Septic Permit?

  • If you have submitted all the necessary documentation/applications/inspections and have received notification from your Registered Environmental Health Specialist that your permit is ready for signature, you may purchase and pull your HSTS Permit.